We are dedicated to helping international shoppers have access to, and buy products from South Korea. We provide our customers with proxy buying service, as well as warehouse service, which allow our customers to shop at Korean online retailers who require a South Korean shipping address.

What is your We Buy and Ship service?

If you have specific wish items from Korea in mind, we will be your personal shopper and purchase and ship it to you. Some Korean suppliers (retailers or manufacturers) will not let you buy their products without a Korean bank account (or a Korean account with payment companies like PayPal). In this case, we can purchase and process payment for your items on your behalf.

How do I use your We Buy and Ship service?

1. Log into your account and click the "We Buy and Ship" button. Here, you will be able to see the status of orders you have already submitted. 

2. To submit a new order, click "Create New."

3. Fill out as much information as possible so our purchasing team will know exactly what to order for you.

4. Click "submit," and we'll get get you quotation you need to pay for.

5. Once you confirm quotation, please proceed with your payment.

6. You will get notification once your package is delivered in our warehouse.

7. Please arrange shipping with your order

Do you provide buying service from Bunjang or Jungonara?

We provide personal shopper service from Bunjang(bunjang.co.kr). Please submit your buying request per each same seller. We can proceed with orders which accept payment using credit card in order to secure our transaction with individual sellers.

What if I don't want a product anymore, but it already arrived at your warehouse?

We can return the product to the merchant for a $10 return handling fee. The merchant will typically provide a return label. If you cannot acquire a return label from the merchant, we will be happy to create a return label for you, but this will come with an additional charge. 

Also, if a return shipping label is not provided by the retailer, you will incur additional shipping costs. Finally, you may incur an additional restocking fee, depending upon the retailer’s policies.

To begin the return process, please contact us via support

Link to: How do I return my package to the merchant?

Can I undervalue my order for customs?

We do not undervalue your orders. Customs use the value to clear your goods and determine the duties and taxes. We are required to declare the value of prices paid for items accurately on the commercial invoice to ensure that your package arrives without serious troubles at customs. 

Undervaluation of goods is taken very seriously by the authorities and can result in a fine or your goods being seized. And if the customs authorities question the value you've provided, they may ask the receiver to provide proof of sale. So to avoid this delay, your carrier or broker will ask you for evidence of sales such as a contract or bank payment.

Also, if your packages are lost or damaged during transit, you will be only get compensated based on the invoice value stated on the commercial invoice. Please note that Delivered does NOT take any responsibility for the issue happened due to below reasons.

- Being charged for fine or taxes due to incorrectly provided invoice value

- Package returned for not having paid duties and taxes which are determined by your local customs authorities (Return shipping fee, Reshipping fee and any charged duties or taxes are not compensated by DELIVERED and your package cannot be released without all the fee paid)

- Additional compensation for a full price of your items that are damaged or lost 

If you have any questions or encountered any issue related to your shipment, please contact us at support@delivered.co.kr and we will do our best to assist you. 

What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept payment through PayPal and Payletter through our website.

If you are not able to proceed payment with these two payment methods, please let us know and we will provide you information required for wire transfer. 

If I'm ordering multiple items from the same website, do I submit individual orders?

Yes! If you’re ordering multiple items from the same website please click the ”Add Item (From The Same Store)” button.

Can you buy from an individual seller (i.e., reseller)?

Yes,  we can order from individual (re)sellers.  However, please note that we can process transaction which accepts payment with credit card only to ensure safe transaction with individual sellers.

What are your business hours?

DELIVERED Business Hours: Monday-Friday, 9AM - 6PM GMT+9

If you contact us over the weekend or national holiday, we will get back to you as soon as we can during our office hours.  Likewise, if you have a package that is scheduled to be delivered - or if a carrier has attempted to deliver a package - over the weekend, it will be redelivered to us on the next business day.