How much does shipping cost?

Our shipping rates vary based on a few different factors, such as package dimensions, package weight, etc.

To get a free shipping quotation, please use our Shipping Calculator. Multiple shipping options (and prices) may appear based on the information you enter. Please note that shipping cost will be charged based on the actual weight or dimensional weight, whichever greater.

Link to: What Is Meant by "Dimensional Weight?

Do you charge storage fees?

We will store your package(s) for free up to 30 days from the date of receipt. Effective from 1st June 2021, when your package exceeds the free storage period, there will be $1 storage fee per package on a daily basis. The maximum storage period is 60 days and Delivered reserves the right to dispose your package(s) after the deadline. You will receive an automated notification on your package stored in our warehouse. Please go to 'My Page' and make sure to arrange shipping before the deadline.

What is your service fee?

We Buy and Ship

  • Payment processing fee (Credit card, debit card, Paypal): 8% of item price, plus domestic shipping cost (if applicable)
  • Handling fee: US$5 flat per order (up to 5 items from the same store or seller)

You Buy, We Ship 

  • Receiving fee (if packages are delivered without "My Incoming Package Form" submitted in advance / form submitted with an invalid tracking number / form submitted without tracking number): US$5 per package
  • Consolidation / Repackage: US$3 per package
  • FREE storage period: 1 month from the date of receipt (When the free storage period exceeds, additional storage fee of US$1/package will be charged per package on a daily basis. The maximum storage period is 60 days, and Delivered reserves right to dispose packages exceeding the deadline)

Below are some value-added services we provide that do incur fees:

  • Returns: US$10 return handling fee per package (excluding prepaid return labels)
  • Contents verification: $2 per package (if you need detailed verification or photos for the bulk items in the box, service fee $3/10 min. will be charged) 
  • Photo Request : US$2.00 per photo 
  • Split Package: US$5 per package
  • Disposal: US$5 per package

* We reserve the right to change our fee structure in the future. We may add premium, paid services as our business grows based on customer demand.

How do I pay for my We buy and ship order?

After we confirm your order details, we will change your order status from "Opened" to "Pending." 

Once your order is Pending, navigate to the "We buy and ship" page, select the order(s) you want to pay for, and then click "Add to Cart."

Go to your cart, select the package, and click the "Checkout" button.

If Once the package is in Checkout, you can pay with PayPal, Payletter, use account credit, or a combination of the two.


What are your Consolidation / Repack fee?
We’re always happy to repackage or consolidate packages at your request. 

Combining several packages into one box or repackaging your original box into a smaller box can help you save on shipping costs. You can request Consolidation / Repackage by referring to below article. The service fee is US$3 per package in a Repackage / Consolidation.

What are your return fees?

We charge a $10 return handling fee for return packages that have prepaid return labels from the merchant. 

If you do not have a prepaid return label from the merchant we will have to create our own label and invoice you for the shipping cost.

What are the fees for splitting a package?

We charge $5.00 for each package that results from the split

Click here for more information on splitting packages.

How much does insurance cost?

All carriers offer shipping insurance that covers the actual value of your package in case it gets damaged or lost. Below is the insurance fee charged by carriers. To be eligible for compensation by carrier, the actual value of items must be declared on the commercial invoice. Please note that undervalued package is not eligible for full compensation provided by the carrier.

If you would like to request insurance for your package or need a insurance quotation, please email us at support@delivered.co.kr with your Suite number and Package number.  

  • DHL
    • free insurance $2.00/kg (up to US$100)
    • additional insurance will cost 15,000.00 KRW (~ US$13) or 1% of stated shipment value if higher

  • FedEx
    • free insurance $2.00/kg (up to US$100)
    • additional insurance for items $100-$300, the rate is a flat fee of $2.10. Anything over $300 (and up to $50,000) is charged $0.70 per $100.

  • Boxberry
    • free insurance $30/kg (the total amount cannot exceed the declared value of the goods)
    • additional insurance will cost 0.5% of the declared value of the goods

  • Qxpress
    • free insurance maximum compensation limit shall not exceed SGD300 (~ US$220)
    • additional insurance will cost 1.0% of the declared value of the goods

  • K-Post
    • does not automatically include insurance
    • additional insurance cost depends on which product we are shipping: some categories of products can’t be insured (please contact us at “support@delivered.co.kr” and we will check the cost for you)

If you have any questions, please email us at support@delivered.co.kr . Thank you very much.

How do I pay with a combination of PayPal and account credits?

You can pay with PayPal, use account credit, or a combination of the two. To pay with a combination of the two, please enter the sum you'd like to pay with credits and click "Pay with PayPal" button.

You'll be charged the difference between the original cost and the sum of credits you entered.

If you've shipped my package but I need to change the delivery address, how much does it cost?

Most shipping couriers charge for a mid-delivery address change. If the courier does not have a fee, then we will not charge you for the address change. For an immediate address change, please contact us via support.


If you need to change an address AFTER your package has shipped, please contact support team (support@delivered.co.kr) to check if address change is available and any service fee is charged.