Should I notify DELIVERED of any incoming packages?

Please make sure to submit 'My Incoming Package form' before your package arrives in our warehouse, otherwise we will charge Receiving fee of US$5 per package. If your package arrived without the Incoming Package form we will register ASN information on your behalf. Please note that submitting the form with a invalid or wrong tracking number or without tracking number are considered unsubmission. 

You can go to 'You Buy Orderstab and provide the information required for receiving your package in your Suite. Please note that the processing time can be delayed without the form submitted.  

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How long is the maximum storage period?

We provide free storage period for 30 days. After your package exceeds free storage period, there will be $1 storage fee per package on a daily basis. The maximum storage period is 60 days and Delivered reserves the right to dispose your package(s) after the deadline. You will receive an automated notification on your package stored in our warehouse. Please go to 'My page' and make sure to arrange shipping before the deadline.

What is the difference between Consolidation and Repack, and how do I request one?

Consolidation: We combine multiple packages into one box. This will minimize the dimensional weight of your package and cuts the shipping costs. Basic bubble wrapping will be included.


1. How to request a Consolidation:

Repackage: Instead of selecting multiple packages, you select just one and then click the "Repackage" button. The request will go to the warehouse, where the packers will pack your items into a smaller box or a bubble-mailer.

2. How to request a repack:

Once a package has been repackaged, you cannot consolidate or repackage it with other packages. By the same token, you cannot add additional packages to a consolidation once it has been completed.

If you request a Repackage for fragile items, our packers will use their best judgement on the safest way to pack the items. This may require that they use a box, rather than a bubble-mailer. If you specifically request a bubble-mailer we will use one, but we can't be responsible for items damaged in transit.

How do I fill out ASN form which has been created by Delivered?

If your package is delivered in our warehouse without a valid Incoming package form, our warehouse team creates ASN on your behalf. You will get a notification email that an ASN has been submitted by DELIVERED for you. 

Please go to 'You buy we ship' tab and you will see a notification mark next to the ASN ID that has been created by DELIVERED. Please provide your order detail by clicking 'Please submit required info' button. Once all information is filled out, our warehouse team will go ahead and register the package to your Suite within 24~36 business hours. 

Please note that this process will take extra processing time, therefore we suggest you to submit the Incoming packag form before your package arrives in warehouse. 


The Incoming package form with inaccurate or no tracking number will be considered unsubmission which is subject to receiving fee of $5 for extra handling process. DELIVERED does not take any responsibility if the supplier notifies you with the wrong tracking number or no tracking nubmer in a timely manner. If you would like to verify your items delivered in our warehouse, please contact our support team at support@delivered.co.kr .

How do I request photo or contents verification service?

You can request photo or contents verification service by writing an email with PKG ID to our support team at support@delivered.co.kr..

The service fee is US$2/package. If you need detailed verification or photos for the bulk items in the box, service fee $3/10 min. will be charged.

My package was delivered to warehouse. Why can't I see it in my 'My Pacakges' ?

It will usually take 1-2 business days for your package to be received into your account, and you will get an email as soon as this happens. 

Factors that impact processing time:

  • Our daily receiving volume
  • Required information is not provided for the ASNs which has been created by DELIVERED

While we always try to make sure packages are processed the day they are delivered to our facility, this is not always possible. If it has been 1-2 business days and your package has not been received into your account please make sure to provide the ASN ID and tracking number when contacting our support team.

Can I split my items into two or more packages?

You can split one package into two or more new packages and arrange shipping to different addresses. Please download the Split Package Request Form and provide instruction on how you would like the products split and send it to Delivered at support@delivered.co.kr. There is a US$5 service fee per package that results from split. 

What are the benefits of consolidating/repackaging packages?

Because shipping costs are calculated based on the greater of actual weight or dimensional weight,

consolidating your packages cuts shipping costs by combining multiple packages in to a single package. Instead of shipping individual boxes, we combine multiple orders into one box including basic bubble wrappings. 

Repackaging a original single box to a smaller box may also reduce your shipping cost. For example, the merchant might send a product in a shipping box that is much bigger than it needs to be. Putting the product in a smaller box is likely to lower the cost.

Link to: What is the difference between a Consolidation and a Repack, and how do I request one?

My package says "in cart," but I can't see it when I view my cart

Sometimes, you may send a package to your cart but not pay to ship it right away. In these cases, you may experience this problem.

Click on the cart icon on the top right of the screen, and you will be taken to your cart. It may appear empty, but simply click on the "Checkout" tab, and you should see your package. If you still don't see it, please contact us at support@delivered.co.kr, and we will do our best to assist you!

Could you please vacuum pack my items?

Yes, we provide vacuum pack service. 

If you have items to request vacuum packing, please let us know BEFORE Consolidation/Repackage request or shipping payment.  Once your items are consolidated/repackaged and ready to be shipped, this cannot be undone because the package will be handed over to the loading area for carriers to pick up. 

We can vacuum pack your items such as pillows, stuffed toys and etc. to minimize the dimensional weight for you. The service fee will be US$2 per item. If you would like to request vacuum pack service, please send your request to us at support@delivered.co.kr and we will assist you.