How to Pay with TransferWise or other international money transfer solution?

Modified on: Fri, Jun 25, 2021 at 2:14 PM

We accept using international money transfer solution such as Transferwise, Transfez, Wirebarley and etc. for charging your Delivered account. 

Here's an example of using Transferwise.

TransferWise is a multi-currency account that allows sending money to over 60 countries worldwide. Using TransferWise will enable you to pay using your own currency via bank transfer, debit card, wire transfer, or other supported methods.

Due to its use of the middle market exchange rates and its relatively small transfer fees, sending money with TransferWise can be a really good option to save money.

How to use TransferWise for using We buy and ship service

Step 1. You can create a TransferWise account here.

Step 2. Log in to your account and select the “Send money” option.

Step 3. Choose your preferred currency on the “You send” tab 


  • The preferred currency is USD because this is the default currency used on Delivered. But you can also use other currencies. However, please note that exchange rate will be applied for converting other currencies to Delivered credit.
  • For using other currencies, your local bank may charge you an extra fee if you transfer the money in different currencies. 

Step 4. On the "Recipient will get exactly" field, enter the KRW amount that you see when you proceed to the cart in your personal Delivered account.

Step 5. You may choose the payment method you wish. Please note that the fee amount varies depending on the method you use. Click continue. 

Step 6. Choose the option (“Business” or “Personal”) that applies in your case and fill in your details.

Step 7. Please choose “Business or charity” as a recipient.

Step 8. Enter our bank details. You can use below information on other international money transfer solution. Please make sure to provide a proof of your payment.


Bank Details:

Their Email:

Name of the business: Delivered Korea co., Ltd


Account number: 140-013-461852 


If you are required to enter the address, please enter the following address:

Country: South Korea
City: Busan
Address: 811, 48 Centum Jungang-ro, Haeundae-gu, B102
 Postal code: 48059


Step 9. Please choose “Pay for goods and services” as the reason for the transfer.

Step 10. Finally, please review the transfer details and click on “Confirm and continue”. You may enter your Suite number (optional) as the reference number.

Step 11. Choose your transfer type and confirm payment.

Step 12. Please let us know your Suite number and name, and the paid sum at



Step 13. Once payment clears (usually within 48 hours), the sum will be credited to your account balance. As soon as you get the Credits, please go back to the cart and use them to pay.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

We are happy to help!